Bring out the best in your teams

Every team member is unique and work relationships are complex. Our services evaluate those complex relationships and highlight important areas of improvement in easy to understand diagrams.

We identify where training and other actions can benefit your teams most.

Powerful psychometric platform for:
  • HR Departments
  • Investor due diligence
  • Continuous team improvement and training

Based on over 50 years of human psychology

  • Our method uses powerful correlations in behavioural science, using over 200 published psychology papers.
  • Our process collects relevant information from individuals and organizations, including Jungian personality, EQ, IQ and other pieces of information.
  • Our system analyzes correlations between 50+ collected data points to produce useful compact reports that identify where teams and individuals could improve and thus become more efficient.

How It Works For Organizations

Contact Us

Once you've contacted us, one of our experts will contact you to answer your questions and create your account and set up your teams to start the tests.

Teams Get Tested

Our automated system emails the team(s) whose info you have provided to gather the data we need to generate the reports.

Chase Stragglers

Within days, all data from all team members is collected. If some don't respond quickly, we can help get the stragglers tested.

Automated Reports Online

Team members can use their account to check their personal report and you can access them all from a single dashboard.

Get Additional Info

Contact us again when you want a deeper evaluation of team health. Use our platform again to gauge how the team's parameters have changed over time.

Even More

We are deep psychometrics, EI, and Risk Management experts. We can also help you with business continuity, operational preparedness, risk management, and due diligence tasks.

Effective at-a-glance reports

Immediately identify which team member, staff combination, or circumstance can impact your team's effectiveness and performance with simple color-coded charts and numbers.

Our reports tell you exactly where and how you should focus team efforts and training in only a few colored pages.

Motivate, train, and adjust your teams and get another snapshot later to see how they have improved.

Different Types of Reports

Explore the Psychometrics

Cognition Empathy Execution Dependability Collaboration Presence Leadership

Improve your operational efficiency.

Access your reports from anywhere, from individual results, to team health, full 360° employee evaluations. Engage us for in depth analyses of risk factors. Communicate more clearly, implement changes, improve the dynamic.