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The Cykometrix Collaboration Characteristic

World experts have determined that certain learned human characteristics, when combined, can make the difference between success and failure in teams. At Cykometrix, we have studied over hundreds of psychology publications to solve the complex problem of assigning a number on what makes excellent team members and what makes teams effective. The Cykometrix Collaboration characteristic is one of seven such numbers.


The Collaboration trait measures a person's ability to work through problems supporting and being supported by others. This trait is synonymous with teamwork but also includes emotional connectedness with colleagues. A person with a high Collaboration score will thrive in a team environment to accomplish set goals bringing along the whole team for a win.

Related: Cooperative, communicative, and symbiotic.

Opposites: Uncooperative, uncommunicative, and independent.

What the experts say…

'What matters most to collaboration is not the personalities, attitudes, or behavioural styles of team members. Instead, what teams need to thrive are certain enabling conditions.' (The Secrets of Great Teamwork by Martine Haas and Mark Mortensen, Harvard Business Review.) Those 'enabling conditions' are structural and supportive in nature, aligned to a shared direction or goal. Therefore, teams can become ineffective when leadership does not set proper goals and if the team just cannot get along.

It is thus imperative for teams to get along to be successful. The characteristics that make a strong collaborator in a team depends a lot on soft skills like honesty, humour, adaptability, sociability, and trust. Once a manager provides a team with an objective, its effectiveness is tied directly to its member’s ability to coordinate on common ground. Given the often diverse company structures we see today, a team member’s ability to maintain composure in the midst of varying opinions and personalities is key to his or her ability to contribute positively towards the team’s outcomes. Teams can support each other in problem-solving by looking at problems from multiple angles and individual members learn more from each other through the process.

Emotional intelligence, openness to new ideas and a calm demeanour also contribute to a team members collaboration attribute. It turns out, when confronted with complex problems, collaboration is one of the most important factors that make a team effective.

The Cykometrix characteristic Collaboration combines the soft skills that make a good collaborator into a single number, making it easier for managers to identify good potential team players.

The high Collaboration team member

A person with high Collaboration will be:
  • honest and trusting
  • adaptable to the religious, ethnic, political, experience and idea diversity within the team
  • sociable with a touch of humour
  • experienced working with others in stressful situations
  • mild-mannered and willing to conform to a group or leader’s decisions


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