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The Cykometrix Presence Characteristic

World experts have determined that certain learned human characteristics, when combined, can make the difference between success and failure in teams. At Cykometrix, we have studied over hundreds of psychology publications to solve the complex problem of assigning a number on what makes excellent team members and what makes teams effective. The Cykometrix Presence characteristic is one of seven such numbers.


High Presence individuals inspire confidence in others through their force of charisma and can change other's opinions by their actions. The Presence trait also includes the ability to recognize other people's successes and failures . A person with high Presence is comfortable being unique and is usually the one first to act openly when a team member needs recognition.

Related: Persuasive, influential, and empowering.

Opposites: Impotent, insignificant, and inhibiting.

What the experts say…

Presence is a combination of two major, well-documented behaviours that contribute to a team’s effectiveness: confidence and building confidence in others.

According to Professor Rosabeth Moss Kanter from the Harvard Business School (ref: Confidence: How Winning Streaks and Losing Streaks Begin and End), confidence is key to persistently achieve set goals for a team. A confident team member and team with a few successes under the belt will assume they are part of a winning effort and therefore will put in extra effort whenever challenges arise to ensure a positive result. Conversely, a few failures will have the opposite effect. Therefore, measuring a person’s natural tendency to be confidence, high charisma; established wellbeing, creativity to overcome obstacles, and humour, when faced with adversity, is of prime importance.

However, in a team environment, individual confidence is insufficient. Ideally, a team member should be able to transfer his or her confidence onto others to create a more resilient team confidence that can endure failures. Thoughtful Leader, an organization dedicated to create excellent leaders, says if team members, especially the team leader, does not instil confidence in the rest of the team, individual team members may lose confidence and therefore lose that winning edge. Typically, confident teams need less oversight and confident team members express themselves more often to eke out troublesome patterns in the workplace and point out issues that need resolution.

All of this contributes to team productivity and effectiveness. At Cykometrix, we have encapsulated the inner confidence and provisioning of confidence in a single value: Presence, i.e. being fully “present” in the moment and being there for others.

The high Presence team member

A person with high Presence will be:
  • charismatic and confident at work and in his or her private life
  • able to read other people’s emotional states and swiftly come to the rescue to increase other team member’s confidence up
  • creative and use humour to lighten the mood in stressful situations
  • a compassionate, open, and conscientious individual


Cykometrix is a SaaS based Assessment Company specializing in team optimizations. Leveraging correlations and data from hundreds of psychological research papers, we deliver dynamic, interactive reports illustrating the team strengths and weaknesses.

Our automated online service provides teams and management benchmarks and suggested training to cost-effectively promote team resilience, efficiency, and productivity.

Teams can leverage our service to quantify improvements in existing team dynamics using our native Pulse baselining methodologies, the optimal personal characteristics of new employees, and even suggest how to reorganize existing teams for maximum effectiveness.

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