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The Cykometrix Execution Characteristic

World experts have determined that certain learned human characteristics, when combined, can make the difference between success and failure in teams. At Cykometrix, we have studied over hundreds of psychology publications to solve the complex problem of assigning a number on what makes excellent team members and what makes teams effective. The Cykometrix Execution characteristic is one of seven such numbers.


Execution is a person’s ability to plan, track achievements, and deliberately accomplish objectives. The Execution characteristic also includes a person's ability to empower others to execute a group strategy, and a person's ability to take good decisions. A person with a high Execution score achieves goals set and will effectively direct others to do the same.

Related: Supportive, accomplished, and effective.

Opposites: Discouraging, incompetent, and ineffective.

What the experts say…

A team’s success depends on the team’s ability to execute a plan within timelines. This requires focus, self-control, and the team’s ability to overcome obstacles, physical or emotional.

Being able to delay gratification to follow a cleverly laid out plan is one of the best researched measurements of success in modern psychology. Controlling one’s impulses is key to a team’s ability to get expected results. Being organized and laying out plans based on analyzed data are also key elements of the Execution characteristic, something that often rates high in people who can delay gratification.

While good decision-making often requires intuitive thinking, when working as a team in complex or stressful environments, relying on reason and data delivers better results. Thus, executives often use their intuition regularly, but when there are too many options available or in high-stress situations, order and rational thinking wins the day every time.

To reach defined goals, a team member must follow the guidelines, rules and plan, as laid out, avoiding impulsive course corrections. The Execution characteristic embodies all elements of a person able to make calm, rational, calculated decisions, delaying gratification when necessary, all to reach planned objectives. That’s how teams achieve success.

The high Execution team member

A person with high Execution will be:
  • organized, assertive and stoic
  • highly aware of a project’s context and stakeholder needs
  • a rational decision-maker with a directive demeanour
  • amazing at self-control and can leverage other’s emotional states to drive best results


Cykometrix is a SaaS based Assessment Company specializing in team optimizations. Leveraging correlations and data from hundreds of psychological research papers, we deliver dynamic, interactive reports illustrating the team strengths and weaknesses.

Our automated online service provides teams and management benchmarks and suggested training to cost-effectively promote team resilience, efficiency, and productivity.

Teams can leverage our service to quantify improvements in existing team dynamics using our native Pulse baselining methodologies, the optimal personal characteristics of new employees, and even suggest how to reorganize existing teams for maximum effectiveness.

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