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The Cykometrix Empathy Characteristic

World experts have determined that certain learned human characteristics, when combined, can make the difference between success and failure in teams. At Cykometrix, we have studied over hundreds of psychology publications to solve the complex problem of assigning a number on what makes excellent team members and what makes teams effective. The Cykometrix Empathy characteristic is one of seven such numbers.


Empathy measures a person's ability to recognize, control and use emotions to maintain morale in a team even in stressful conditions. This characteristic also includes a person’s ability to communicate non-verbally and verbally. A person with a high Empathy score will be able to express ideas clearly through a variety of means to ensure effective conveyance of information and understand team members clearly even while under duress.

Related: Enthusiastic, stable, and resilient.

Opposites: Apathetic, unstable, and vulnerable.

What the experts say…

A sizeable portion of the Empathy calculation at Cykometrix is emotional intelligence, which is a person’s ability to be aware of, control, and express one’s emotions, and to handle interpersonal relationships judiciously and empathetically. Though our Empathy characteristic includes other quantifiable elements, we need to explore the impact of emotional intelligence on team effectiveness and productivity further.

Emotional intelligence (EI) plays the biggest role in our ability to succeed in our personal and professional lives. It is an innate ability that works in synergy with our rational abilities to deliver the best results when working with others. According to Harvard Business Review, EI is an individual’s ability to accurately recognize, understand and manage their own emotions as well as that of others. This means an emotionally intelligent person can maintain control over his or her own emotions and can easily read other people’s emotions to choose what appropriate action to take next. Therefore, EI is a cornerstone of our ability to collaborate, and communicate with others.

Cykometrix has modified EI measurements based on other important team productivity factors related to a person’s empathy (dictionary definition) like how agreeable and open a person is to new ideas, a person’s recognition of other people’s state of being, whether a person is anxious in moments of stress, and more. All these help true positive communications and support teamwork.

The high Empathy team member

A person with high Empathy will be:
  • a calm, considerate decision-maker
  • empathetic towards others
  • open and agreeable to new ideas
  • easygoing and sociable
  • experienced at life and dealing with emotional conflict


Cykometrix is a SaaS based Assessment Company specializing in team optimizations. Leveraging correlations and data from hundreds of psychological research papers, we deliver dynamic, interactive reports illustrating the team strengths and weaknesses.

Our automated online service provides teams and management benchmarks and suggested training to cost-effectively promote team resilience, efficiency, and productivity.

Teams can leverage our service to quantify improvements in existing team dynamics using our native Pulse baselining methodologies, the optimal personal characteristics of new employees, and even suggest how to reorganize existing teams for maximum effectiveness.

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